Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Snapshot- Week One -365

Last year I tried to keep up a 365 photo project on my blog daily. Truthfully it was hard to do.  I love the idea of a photo a day as it makes me remember the little things in life.  I believe these moments truly make us who we are.  So this year a photo a day is taken and put on the blog once a week.

This week:
-Those silly bracelets the girls can't get enough of
-Morning blues
-Back to school
-Our future teacher's door
-A phone for the oldest...what a learning curve for parents
-Weekly trip to library
-The beauty of our view

Ni Hao Yall


RaD said...

I think I remember it more by posting once a day, but we'll see as I am only on day 12! I've tried the weekly and actually made it a year and a half before I stressed myself out when I wasn't getting it posted on time each week.

I agree though, a picture a day keeps those little things that you appreciate so much (or funny stories for that matter) in focus and not forgotten.

I liked the peek into your week your photo collage provided!

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