Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Seven Years Home for Miss Katie

Seven years ago today we meet this sweet little lady for the first time.  Our hearts were already in love with her.  The first time I held her, saw her, and kissed her were moments that will live in my heart forever.
This is my favorite photo from that day.  I remember how it felt to hold her and to feel a baby I had longed for.  She changed our lives, she taught me how deep love truly can go.  She taught me the sacrifices of a birth mom for a love that I am privileged to have.

This little lady of mine put adoption in my heart and soul.  Her smile lights the world up.  I tell her I love her to the moon and back and she laughs, but she knows it is true. 

On this Gotcha Day for Miss Katie there are so many memories of these past seven years.  We celebrate by a dessert of her choice and watch a video of the day we held her for the first time.  I pray each night that someway and somehow her birth mom will know she is loved and taken care of. We made a choice to adopt and Katie changed our lives. She also changed that of her siblings and  those who know us.  Katie, we love you forever!

Little by Little


Kim said...

So precious! I love stories such as these. We know so many adoptive families and I always feel such a tug on my heart strings watching their stories unfold and go forth. Happy Gotcha Day!

Snap said...

How wonderful! Happy Gotcha Day to all of you. Katie is a doll.

Unknown said...

Happy Gotcha Day! It's such a special day, isn't it?! So many wonderful memories of a moment that changes so many people forever. These photos are beautiful and so is Katie!

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