Friday, January 10, 2014

Favorite Friday Photo- A little helper

After a little snow storm this past weekend we headed into a week of "normal" life.  To start off the week Andy was very excited to do some shoveling. These are the sweet days when they ask to do chores, and yes I know it will not last! 

The kids all seemed happy to be back with friends and schedules. A little bit of shock rang through the house at the early rising times that were once again expected. Poor Miss Katie she so dislikes those mornings. 

We went back to scouts, basketball, piano, and dance as well.  I had two dancers who took their first pointe class this week.  They were so cute and giggly as they put on their pretty pointe shoes.  I remember that day myself so it was fun to have this opportunity to teach them.

A weekend with nothing on the calendar.  Almost feels like a mistake but we have one more week before games start.  I can think of lots of projects that need to be done. Wonder who will volunteer this weekend to help?

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