Monday, May 9, 2016

Surgery for Mr. Luke

Our sweet little boy was born with club feet.  I knew that we would need do have some procedures done when we came home. We needed time for bonding and adjusting to being a family of seven before I felt we could have surgery done.

A week ago the time had come for him to have surgery on his feet.  We would stay in the hospital one night and he has two full length casts on his legs.  They will be on him for four weeks then switch to walking casts.  

He was a trooper at the hospital.  The night was very rough but that is to be expected.  I love this little boy with all my heart and was grateful for everyone who helped take care of him.

Grandma stayed the night with us and Aunt Tam brought pineapple.  This was a much requested food! We have been home a week now and he is doing great.  We are all getting stronger from carrying him around.  The kids are being very good with him and finding ways to include him in their games.  We will go back the end of May to get walking casts on!


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