Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday- Day Four- Our week

The day started with a run and then trying to fit in a little work before everyone was up. It was such a beautiful day that the kids spent a lot of time outside listening to Cd's from the library. Makes me laugh that they are so excited to check out Cd's.  

Next week is my dance program for the classes I teach.  There was no more time for procrastination I had to make all the hair pieces. Bri helped me a lot with these then disappeared to my scrapbooking desk.  Oh I miss it so...maybe next week!

Riley has had his Boy Scout badges on my sewing box for a long time now. I finally told him he had to get those on his uniform I was never going to get it done.  Thinking he did a great job on them.

Our first lunch outside this year.  I love to eat out there so much easier. No clean up and just feels good to be outside.  After lunch a little play and then of course the question of screens.  We have a limit at our house for screen time and it seems to be sacred times for each of the kids. 

Finally my little peppers are up!  A photo session for me this afternoon. Always makes me feel so inspired after shooting photos.  I do believe when I got home Andy and Katie were playing with the ants.  Not sure what to say about that!!

Where I stood tonight was at dance classes. Tap for Katie and then another ballet class to teach. These are the shoes I feel most at home in.

Day four is almost over for me.  I am still loving seeing what our day really involves.  Grateful for the life I have been given and now it is time to read!

See you tomorrow!


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