Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday- Week in the Life

Another full day for us. A day filled with good and sunshine.  We have some new rules about continuing good reading patterns. This  morning we worked on getting those chapters in.  I have been really needing to get some of the garden in. I had help today and even if there was some grumbling we got a lot done.  

Our tomatoes love those water wells. They are not fun to fill up but playing in the water was fun for the kids.  Lunch was a three people process which was great for me!

This little man is trying so hard to stand on his casts today. He is not really supposed to do that so it is good we can all keep him busy.  More seeds, always looking for seeds  An unexpected trip to the doctor to get more forms done for upcoming Girl Scout Camp. 

My new to me planters.  Found these old canister sets on a recycling day and of course put some seeds in them today. Laundry..always.

I really needed a break tonight.  I love being with my kids and am grateful for the time I have with them but I really needed some me time tonight.  So an hour to work on my project life album.  I have a desk but have scrapbooked on my floor a good part of my life.  Just a part of who I am.

Two more days of this project.  It is a crazy busy weekend so should be lots to document!

See you tomorrow!


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