Saturday, May 14, 2016

Saturday-A week in our life

Saturday started with a run then checked on my baby plants we just put in the ground.  Katie was headed to a friends birthday party and she eagerly waiting to be picked up.  Mr. Luke was tired already.  His casts make it hard to sleep well so found him on the floor napping.  Riley was headed to our community pool clean up day.  Riley, Andy, and Brian worked hard there and soon we will be swimming daily!

Brian has a work function so once he left it was the kids and I.  Waiting to go to soccer and catching up on his social life.  So many scenes in our house involve beats on our ears. Andy has had this bear since 2008.  Still a sense of comfort to him.

The game he loves best.  This is a weekly place to be in our lives.  

It had to be done a trip to Sams. Five kids and their Mom.  They were a huge help this time which I am so thankful for.  I don't usually take all of them to the store so it was refreshing to see it has gotten easier.  Feeding all of them is tough.  We go through lots of food.

The lilacs are ready. There will be many vases full in our house. This is just the first! Giving Luke a bath is tough. We really have to work to get the covers over his casts.  

It has been another full day. Tonight after a pizza and spinach salad dinner we had some down time.  Katie had made this dog today at the birthday party.  It has a name and a dress. She was all smiles when she came home.

Tonight I will read a little and watch maybe a show on TV.  One more day of this project:)

See you tomorrow!


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