Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday- Last Day of my Week in the Life project

Sunday, my last day in my week in the life project.  Sunday morning started by Andy making pancakes and then getting ready for church.  Mass for us is at 9:30.  A couple nine year olds found time to make some dog houses before we left for church.

This is not a normal event for Sunday.  Due to a snow out we had a makeup soccer game to play today.  My parents joined us which always makes me grateful for their love of grandchildren.

My usual Sunday involves making some bread for the upcoming week.  One more week of lunches being made.  My favorite all time snack graham crackers and milk.  A snack I remember my Grandma feeding us.  Riley with the paper. I still love getting a regular paper at our house even in these digital days.

Our tired baby.  It is hard to get a nap with these big people's schedule.  Katie is always good for a cuddle.

Brian came back home after a weekend away for work.  Just in time to get the lawns mowed before a little rain.  Andy had a friend over.  This is a big deal at our house.  So glad it went well. I heard a lot of laughing from them.

Tired of being somewhat confined we decided a ride on the bike  couldn't hurt.  My spinach is doing great this year. Looks like we will be eating it daily now!

Brian and his youngest catching up.  Bread is not perfect for sure but it will work for the week.  Makes the house smell good on this rainy cooler day.

The week is over and a new one to begin. I have loved seeing my life this way.  A project I will do again.  We are in a crazy busy season in our life.  Filled with a lot of happenings, but it is just a season.  Three weeks from now our life will look different with school out.  I am grateful for these memories and people in my life!


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