Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Day Two of our Week in the Life

Capturing our week one day at a time.  Tuesday started as any other school day. A run for me then everyone up to eat and get ready.  Back home to quickly plan for my Girl Scout meeting later in the day.

Brianna's class was on a field trip today.  I knew we couldn't go for the whole time but I took Luke for as long as I could.  He was so upset most of the time. Brianna in her huge heart way pushed him around with her friends.  I was very touched how she included him and loved on him.
Tuesday's have been our Girl Scout meeting days.  I was lucky enough to hear Andy chatting freely with the scouts about which movies they should watch.  He has spent a lot of time in our meetings over this past year.
Back home and it was time to cook dinner and homework time.  Riley had a big presentation and was wanting Brianna's thoughts on it. I love how soccer seems to always be with him! 

After our dinner of sandwiches and leftovers Andy and Katie were on dish duties.  They switch every week with their big brother and sister.  Usually some pandora station is part of this ritual. A new calendar for the ever creating Bri.

Oh my lilacs they are so close to blooming all the way! I can hardly wait to cut some for my table!  My nightly check on my greenhouse plants.  Most are still babies waiting until their time to go to the garden!

That was Tuesday minus my night photos:)  I love this project makes me more aware of who we are!


quilt'n-mama said...

I love this project you are doing!
Our lilacs froze the little buds in the last cold snap, I am so sad:(
Loving your greenhouse and looking forward to garden stories friend!

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