Saturday, April 22, 2017

Week in the Life- Friday 4/21

Friday has come and with it the kids off from school. They go to school four days a week so this is a different day.  Riley now has a job working on a ranch and goes to work each Friday. I am happy to see him working and having the experience of working out on this beautiful ranch property.  Chai tea is my favorite.  I long for it but only give into my cravings of getting tea outside this house once a week.
My phone photos:

1.  On my seven mile run the site over the mountain. So glad it is not dark in the morning now.
2.  A trip to see friends and jump until our hearts are content.
3.  My new little plant I bought home.  Excited to see this little one grow.
4.  Stripes and dots- If I have to choose one dots win but both are nice today.
5.  Driving - always- but today to see friends and play!
6.  They are on the trampoline a lot. I used to worry we wouldn't get our monies worth and that is so not true!
7.  When we got back home Riley was home from work. A little time with him to catch up.
8.  Time to scrapbook at night. Makes me super happy.
9.  We have seen a lot of these tanks heading to training this week.  The boys are so intrigued with them and spend a fair amount of time talking about these huge vehicles.
10.  He is driving more and more and really I am not that nervous.
11.  Stretches after I run. My least favorite part.

Grateful for this friendship that was brought on by adoption and has traveled many conversations across the mountains for Colorado.  This sweet little one really likes Katie and the feelings are mutual.  

These kids all jumped and jumped. Andy loved the dodge ball game.  It really was such a special meet up. I can't wait until next time.

Back home for piano lessons. The nightly routine starts again.  Time to get the kitchen ready for dinner, then showers, and after a busy day everyone in bed.  I scrapbooked and then read a little.  In bed around 10:30.  This was a different Friday for us and it felt good!

Two more days of this project.  Sometimes I think I will run out of ideas for photos but that never seems to happen.  See you tomorrow!


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