Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Week in the Life Tuesday 4/18

Tuesday would start with an early rise at 4:30 and run for me.  It is getting light now and I am loving that! Riley is driving us to school which is great for me.  A stop in my garden to see some new growth!  Luke and I love graham crackers and milk for snack.  I would say we have this snack most days!  

Tuesdays we go to story time at the library. I was thinking back today how many years I have taken kids to the library and think it is about thirteen years now.  My days of this will soon be coming to a close.  

Some photos this time are on my phone some on my DSLR.  From my phone:

Tea: love it!
Audio books:  Katie and Andy are into them right now
Laundry: Never ending
Barre3:  Love how it makes me feel
Lilac Girls: Listening again to some audio books
Work: I do some accounting from home. Always looking for moments to work.  Thinking about new work dreams in the next year as life changes.
Turtle love: He cleans his turtle off once a week. Now that is love!
Yellow:  Color in my flower garden is thrilling
Patio:  The sounds of kids playing like in the summer nights.

Tuesday we have a fair amount of homework. Takes Andy a little to get going.  Patience on my part.  Luke said "Take a photo of me mom"!  Hearing Katie play and envious how easy it is for her. That girl loves the trampoline!

The oldest diligently studying math I would assume.  His brain is very mathematically wired.  Brian getting our dinner grilled and loving how Riley still takes time to play with his youngest brother.

The evening ended with kids to bed between 8 and 8:30 depending on age. I worked again. The night held a lot of hard.  Being a family can be really hard.  It is life and a true part of my week.   Always glad for photos that remind me of the good and the love.


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