Sunday, April 23, 2017

Week in the Life - Saturday 4/23

A Saturday that was fairly open.  This is a new season for us one without sports commitments.  There will be more of these commitments very soon but for now we are glad for a break.  

Time to be together and play.  These matchbox cars have had a renewed life with Luke.  This new track from Easter has added some more fun for all three of these kids.  

Once we got through lunch and a short nap for Luke we headed to the mountains for a Cub Scout hike. Due to the weather we were the only family there but once there we just went forward.  The snow was actually fairly warm and was great to play and walk in.  

Photos from my camera:
1.  Sweet little boy right next to me in the morning. He loves a good sleep in day.

2.  My wet and soggy run and a view right by our house.

3.  Bri doing some shopping online.  Time for a new shirt for her it seems.

3.  Brian took the boys out to clean out our garage.  It feels so good to have it clean and organized.  I appreciate that a lot!

4.  I set my phone on a rock for this shot.  The places my phone has set this week is crazy to think about. I have propped it up on rocks, fences, and many counters in our house.

5.  Dinner of meatloaf and baked potatoes.  The girls did the cooking tonight and it was really good.

6.  Each night I go and cover up my baby plants in my greenhouse.  Won't be long until some of these plants move outside.  

Andy and Riley built a fort on our hike. A true Cub Scout activity.  Andy was all smiles at this kind gesture from his older brother.

Following these two up the trail.  The sweetness of my kids holding hands warms my heart.

One more day to document for this week.  This week has been real life around here. Some I will write about and some will live in my heart. I always try to find the good in our family behind my lens.  I try to find my gratefulness in my words. I love it all and forever will love to document.

See you tomorrow!


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