Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Week in the Life Monday 4/17

Everyone woke up a little tired today after our big Easter weekend.  My day starts with a run and then always one load of laundry.  Today after being gone it equaled three loads of laundry.  
These are the photos from my phone for the day.  There was a 10 year anniversary party for a tap group I was part of.  So much fun dancing again with them and seeing friends. My heart really wants to go back and with any luck I will be able to one day.  Meal prep time today was spaghetti.  Try to get some of it done before the rush of the night.  Always looking for time to get some reading done.

Luke does not like the morning. He starts in his bed which is still beside ours and then comes joins us around 2 or 3 am.  There are plans this summer to move him and Andy together.  

Luke got a race track for Easter and has been consumed by playing cars. I love to hang out clothes. Grew up doing that job and now do that with our clothes. Love the idea of them being out there in the sun to dry. 

My lunch buddy. Peanut Butter and jelly on homemade bread today.  Strawberries as our fruit. Run out of ideas for him and I.  One day my lunch will be a smoothie when the kids are all in school.

I try to do one Barre3 work out in the day. I realized long ago that my knees can't take running without doing another form of exercise. For a long time that was ballet class. There is not ballet class anymore that I can attend so have started this practice of ballet, yoga, and pilates combined.

A snack after school for these kids then it is on to me teaching  ballet for the evening. Three classes on Monday night.  Brian is home with the kids.

This day was busy as most of mine are.  As life has its ups and downs ours does also.  Learning to tread through the teenage years has me feeling like I am sinking. Today had those moments also.

Love the spring of today and how it feels to be outside!  Ready for day two!


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