Friday, April 21, 2017

Week in the Life - Thursday 4/20

Thursday started on a trip to town for Luke and I.  On a usual week I only go in once but this was a week with a little more.  We live about a half an hour from town.  This is my favorite photo from the day.  Getting some new plants for the yard. These bloom around my birthday so I really like that!
The morning routine.  I never dried my hair until last May when I got it cut short for the first time ever in my life.  I have grown  to love it and find it so simple for this season of my life.  Things on my counter:  My water bottle, my makeup bag that came from Korea (sweet memories), and the base my sister and I made. 

We started at the dentist for me.  Of course screens make these appointments easier.  I decided to run to the grocery store for a few things.  Usually I never really do this but didn't have it in me to do the "big" shopping. A good time to eat from our pantry.  

Rain how sweet you are!  We don't get much of it so when we do we are so grateful.  A date night with Katie.  After her spelling bee we headed to Cracker Barrel. Her choice because she wanted her mash potatoes.  

Photos on my phone:

1.  My sweet Katie. I love how she opened up on this night.  Hard to compete with all her brothers and sisters at home.  

2.  Grocery unloading.  Didn't take too long today. Mostly fruits, vegetables, and milk. If we are all home we drink a gallon a day. 

3.  An early morning run and the first kid I see when I get home is always Andy.  Gets up and right away feeds his dog.

4.  Driving always driving. This photo from the school drop off

5. My little spelling bee. She was so nervous.

6.  The dentist. Enough on that subject.

7.  My bedtime and my steps. A little late how does that always happen and each morning I say it will not happen again:)


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