Sunday, October 11, 2015

365 Day project-September

Another month of daily photos complete! Three short months of 2015 to capture and write our story!
-Our own little creative minon
-This young runner of mine has made it look easy
-Andy's first hunting trip made his year
-A weekend just the two of us
-Grateful for a garden that is still producing

-A son we are so close to meeting turned three this month
-Another scrapbooker on my hands writing her own story

- Lots of time at the cross country meets
-Fall beauty in my flower garden
-September 11th a day to never forget
- I was pregnant with this boy on that day
-Book reports for two nine year olds

-A volunteer day at school-adorable friendships
-More zucchini calls for some bread to be made
-Volunteering at a meet
-Saturday a day for soccer
-15 pumpkin harvest
-A whirlwind of a day


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