Thursday, October 29, 2015

Court Day and Food in Korea

Today was a huge day in Korea for us.  We would spend most of the day getting to and from court.  Court is a huge part of the process and has had me worried for a very long time.  I kept picturing us all in there.  Four kids in a court room did not sound that relaxing. We made it through, we had our moments, but it is done.  The rest of our adoption story is for time alone to tell.  

Our parenting has been a little unusal for us.  Lots of bribing to get through some huge appointments.  I am not proud of this parenting and it will change once we land on US soil, but they needed a little incentive as it is a lot to ask kids to do in one week.
I can't tell you how many times we have been to this store this week. To buy breakfast food and snacks for the day.  It is fun to look at other grocery stores and see what is different, new, and what is famliar. 
We did the one thing we said we would not do in Korea we ended up at McDonalds for dinner.  We don't even eat there in America.  However, after a super long day the kids wanted something they knew and this is where we ended up. 

A universal sign to kids around the world.  There is a lot of English written signs in Korea. 

This sign made me laugh as Riley had a little soy sauce on his hamburger.

Last night was a traditional Korean barbeque night.  The kids kind of put up a fuss especially after we dragged them place to place to find one that would seat us.  A very sweet Korean woman cooked our meat for us and even started to feed Andy?  Not sure but she was under his charming spell also.

My favorite place to eat...dumplings.  They are open 24 hours seven days a week.  I could eat these everyday and the kids agree!

Sometimes when you travel with your family and you are a teen you just want to get away in your own world.  I have to admit I have these feelings myself once in awhile.  

The screens traveled with us.  Each got their alloted half an hour each night before bed.

We have made it almost. Tomorrow is a sight seeing day.  It has been a full week of lots of emotions, hard good byes, and a love of a country and people that has given us so much.  I think of our new son and how much I already love him.  I dream of him running around the house and his sweet little voice.

Good night until tomorrow!  


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