Monday, October 26, 2015

Two Amazing Korean Women

There are women in this world that make it a better place and today we meet two of them.  Our first meeting this afternoon was with Katie Eun Sol's foster Mom.  I have keep up with her through the years and today a dream was meet by meeting her.  

You can just feel the love that she has for Katie.  There is a connection there.  It runs deep. She still has Katie's photos up and was just as excited as us for this day.  

Omma brought along her daughter with her.  We had meet up on line years ago now and have kept in touch.  She is just as amazing as her Mom.  I was touched with her stories and the beautiful woman she is. This is a story that is not done but only continuing.  There will be many more photos and letters sent.  

There were gifts from the heart exchanged.  I love this Asain tradition as I too love to give gifts.  

My heart was so happy for this daughter of mine.  She was very loved in Korea and is still loved by this amazing women. She took care of so many babies in her life.  I know God has a special place in his heart for her.  I am so thankful for this meeting. It was too fast but the time doesn't matter it is the hugs given and stories exchanged.  


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