Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A full day in Seoul

"You Only Live Once"  Store that we found. Seems fitting of a saying for the adventure we are on:)

We paid $8.00 for these Hulks yesterday and I think they were worth it.  Andy has played with them all day everywhere we went and even shared them with some new friends at the adoption agencies lunch.

A little exploring this morning before our appointments.  So much to see and do here. We found a school and the college.  A park to play in for a moment was just what we needed.

Jumping for joy over the thought of seeing his little brother again.

So much to see and do. It is eye candy to my photographers eye.

This road leads right to the college campus.  It was fun to watch some students getting to class  

When we made it to our adoption agency we had a short meeting then lunch with some other families.  It was once again time to meet amazing people with amazing stories and hearts.  Andy found four little friends there and they were off running.  Tomorrow we head to court. That is our last big appointment and then we will wait until we get word that Luke can come home.  So many emotions on this day.

The famous red chair.  Years ago this sweet girl was in the baby chair like this one. It was the first photo I saw of her. It was the first I feel in love with. So fun to take her back today and they let us take a photo of her on the chair again.  We also were allowed to see the baby room where she was at.  Oh my a room full of there anything better!  My heart was touched by all the people volunteering and working to take such good care of such very sweet angels.  

It was then time to have our second meeting with Luke. These two were waiting inside as we didn't know which way he was coming from.  Everyone was excited and the meeting went great. He was kind of tired today as it was nap time so the cutest thing was when he fixed Andy up by taking off his classes and basically getting him to lay down.  Then he laid right on top of him!  Oh our life is so going to change.  Brian is happy someone at home will need naps again.  He is a doll and so loved.  He is full of energy and spunk.  The time went too fast again and we had to say Goodbye.  I know he will change more as we wait some more but I feel blessed we had the time we did with him. The kids are awesome with him.  It will be different parenting with older kids at home this time.

One more day of big adoption events at court. Then we will have one more day of sightseeing.  Everyone is doing well.  We had a traditional  barbecue meal tonight and I am hoping more dumplings tomorrow oh and that lemon tea!!!

From Korea with love!


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