Saturday, October 31, 2015

Final Korean thoughts

Today we are flying home.  There is so much to digest in the past week. My mind is full of thoughts and emotions.  It has been quite an adventure taking our whole family with us.  When we started the adoption process two years ago we agreed that we would all need to go this time.  This would take some major planning. It has not always been easy and just getting us all here seemed like a great undertaking. I will not lie we have had moments were we looked at each other and said what are we thinking this is so hard.  We have had moments when all kids were fighting.  We have also had moments that have amazed us as we watched our kids embrace this beautiful culture and people.  I have seen our kids be hugged by people who used to be complete strangers and are now a part of our life's story.  I have watched a reunion with my daughter and foster Mom that will forever be one of the best days of my life.  That is a love that is unbreakable and amazing.

We have watched Luke jump out of an elevator (literally) and into all of our hearts. I have seen Riley lie down on the ground and let his two little brothers jump on him and wrestle.  I have seen Luke worry if Brian was getting on the elevator with him or not.  I have been kissed by that little boy who is so full of all that is good with a little bit of orneriness.  I have seen the love of his Foster Mom and how well she is taking care of him.  I have been to court with my whole family.  I have prayed for a birth mom and all her pain.  I have seen women whom I assume look somewhat like her around me.  Adoption has so many sides and feelings with it.

There are so many friends and family who have prayed for us and been there is so many ways.  We only hope we too can be there when others need us.  

There will more more adventures with this story that only a three year old can bring.  We can't wait......


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