Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Country kids in Seoul

Our day would start at Eastern Cafe. We would meet another great couple that is adopting. It doesn't matter how long I am in this adoption circle I continue to be amazed by people's stories, faith, and amazing hearts. This was the case again this morning.

Then another trip on the subway.  These country kids just can not get enough of discussing who hits what button first and who gets what color card!

We ended up in a part of Seoul that had a new atmosphere with the old feel to it.  

I don't believe we have let kids get drinks out of a machine at home so here it has been the biggest treat ever. Oh the decisions they must make:)

We ended up in a market that took the word commerce to a whole new level.  You could buy any toy of your choice, or it you needed to pick up a chicken you could do that too.  I am not sure what these men were measuring, but the many times I walked by they were still at it.

How does a boy of nine decide what he really wants with his allotted money?

A typical scene in Korea.  These motor bikes where everywhere on the streets and on the sidewalks.  We were instructed by Brian we must really walk with our heads up!

It amazes me that amongst the commerce you actually find tranquil beauty.

A whole isle at the market dedicated to toys and office supplies.  Stall after stall looked like this.  Looked like an inventory nightmare but you could see each store owner had their own way to deal with their merchandise.

This is kind of what I felt like today. So did Andy. I don't think it is jet lag just a lot of stimulation on every turn and path in our day.

These flowers were filled with LED lights. I can just imagine the way they look at night.

Finally dinner or was it lunch?  Curry dishes how yummy.  Brian has gone back out with the big two. He is going to show them what a little bit of Seoul looks like when it becomes dark.  The rest of us are just fine.  We saw and did a lot today!

Tomorrow it is time for Mr. Luke again as well as some very special time at the adoption agency.  A special lunch and time with fellow adoption families.  We will say good bye to Luke after tomorrow.  That will be hard but we know patience has to be part of our life.  For now I am tired...is it 8 yet?


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