Friday, October 30, 2015

A day of adventures in Korea!

Today was our last full day in Seoul.  We spent the day sightseeing some palaces and then a little time at the market. We rode a lot of subway lines, ate at a cafe, and had a little vendor food.  We have seen many parts of Korea, the beautiful, the historic, and the past and present mixing.  We have also seen what a hard life it is for some.  My mind will never forget older women selling bits of food in the cold subway stairs.  It won't forget how hard it must be to get around a town that runs on subways when you are in a wheelchair.  It is a city that never stops is seems and you can see how hard that must be at times.  

It was chilly out today and the beauty of fall was all around us.  I loved the sound of languages as we walked around town. I love how we learned to communicate without the help of language.  

I love the details of life around us.  These were carved into the entrance of a palace we toured.  There is so much history here.  Brian loves this I love to watch people.  Many school kids were at the palace today how fun that was to see!

Every once in awhile you see young people in traditional dress.  These two were so cute at the palace.  

My girls!  I will not lie there was a lot of bickering today.  Everyone is ready to go home and be in our own space.  We are leaving without number seven but he will be with us soon.  

A artist was painting the beautiful scenes around us.  He had a lot of fans around him at all times.  

Oh the changing of the guard is a huge event.  I actually felt sorry for these men. This has to be a job that gets old as everyone wants a photo by you and you have to just stand still.

The boys were intrigued by these men.  

These two always want me to photograph them jumping.  The joy of being a kid. They didn't care about history just about steps to jump from!

The colors of the palaces were very similar all through Korea.  The detail is amazing.

Well what can we say these smelled so good and the vendor said we got a good deal on them:) I can say from the way they tasted we did get a good deal!

This is the most popular cartoon character in Korea.  I am suspecting that there will be some of him on a certain little boy's Christmas list!


quilt'n-mama said...

Looks like a lovely day! Love the jump pictures, I have a kiddo or two who loves them too;-)
Safe travels home friend!

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