Monday, October 26, 2015

Meeting Prichard number seven

What a day it has been.  Today was a day like no other.  Not only were we blessed with meeting Katie's foster Mother but in the next breath Luke was right in front of us. 

This is Katie's Omma's photo book but Luke's Mom also has one.

I  wish with all my heart that I could post photos of him but it is not to be right now.  There is still more of a process left until he is officially ours.  At that time our blog will be filled with photos of Luke!

In one breathe our meeting with Omma ended and as I was trying to take it all in our little man popped off the elevator in what felt like a whirlwind of energy.  Truthfully, I was a little slow in catching up.  He was jabbering a mile a minute and next we found ourselves in a play room moving at a very fast pace.  He was playing and playing.  The kids jumped right in with him and pretty soon balls were flying, slides getting ridden, and blocks being stacked.  He was not at all shy. We all got kisses and hugs, Riley being the first to receive them.  If he truly has that much energy Andy will have meet his match.  He is adorable in all the ways I imagined.  He is perfect and we are all in love!  We will meet him again on Wednesday and Brianna said she must get some sleep before then to keep up!  He is definitely happy and seems to be doing very well.  We are all excited for getting him home, but understand there are more steps in this process but it felt so good to meet him. It seemed like a fast meeting and then it was time to say goodbye. He packed up his backpack and was gone with a wave.  Oh my little love I will see you soon!  

Time for some quiet activities
I needed to add some photos to the post.  Here is where we are staying.  It is hard to keep it nice and clean and apparently last night I didn't do it.  
We have brought some meals in to eat here

The kitchen

Kind of feels like I am back in college with my family?


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