Saturday, October 24, 2015

Korea bound

Almost two years of waiting and we found all six of us on a plane bound for Korea.  That in itself was an experience and at times a test of patience.  I don't know how many movies these kids watched, but I know none of them slept until the last hour of traveling.  That is after almost fifteen hours of flying.  

I didn't take a lot of photos yesterday as I was busy trying to keep it all together. If I had to choose a photo of the day this would be it.  After much confusion we finally made it to where we are staying and crashed many in their clothes.  

I am grateful to be here and for all friends and family that have been there for us.  I know we are going to have a lot of adventures, but the first job is to get some rest.  

A couple more days and we will meet our little boy!

I had some thoughts today as we traveled:

1.  I am amazed at Brianna and her very deep in site of our family.        How many times today was I stunned at how in tune she really        is with all that is going on and so thankful for her.
2.  I saw Brian more stressed today than I can ever remember.  He        is my rock so when it became that way I saw Riley step up and        help in his usual calm fashion.
3.  I asked Katie how it felt to be on a plane with the majority of 
     people that looked like her and she said no they don't.
4.  What a beautiful group of people South Koreans are. I love how       beautiful they are especially the women all dressed up.                     

More adventures to come from Korea!


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