Sunday, October 25, 2015

Korean Adventures

The day would start very early at three am for this little guy. The rest would join him at four.  We decided to take a tour of the city today.  We pushed the kids really hard with hopes that tonight we will at least sleep until six tomorrow.  One of the places we stopped was a children's museum.  Andy found a leaf that he would carry around with him the rest of the day.

I think when you go to a new country it is always best to take a buddy!

Lots of subway and bus time today.  I think we now have the subway system figured out!  The sweetest of moments happened on the subway today.  There was a man on there who you could tell was a hard worker and life had not always been easy for him.  Andy was right next to him and when this man finally had a seat to sit down in he pulled Andy on his lap and they rode the rest of the way together.  It was the sweetest moment of the day.  I don't have a photo of it, but Andy has a way with people and this dear man had a connection with him.

Here we are almost parents of FIVE children.  If we look tired we are, but we love it.  It has been a challenge keeping everyone together.  We just tell ourselves one step at a time!

A stop on our journey to see how life used to be in Korea.  I told Katie her biological Grandparents could very much have lived the way we saw today.  She is too young to digest that but one day she will remember me telling her that.

I love that Katie is among her culture.  She is an American girl, that is for sure, but I hope this trip leaves an impression on her and the beauty of its people.  

Color, texture, lines, a photographer's dream!

A peak through beautiful fall leaves at the Children's museum.  It had a park that we walked through.  So beautiful and peaceful!

We toured the city from 9 am until 6 pm.  We shopped, ate, explored, rode bus after bus, listened to a live band, watch an amazing violin player,  and climbed the steepest hill I have ever been on.  At the top was this city that seems to span into the sunset. All around us you would see city. It truly was amazing.

It is eight o'clock here. I am the only one awake.  Tomorrow is the day I have thought about for two years.  We will first be blessed with the opportunity to meet Katie's foster Mom, and then we will have our play date with Mr Luke.  It will be an emotional day that is for sure.  It doesn't seem real but soon it will.  His photos that I have grown to love will come to life.  My prayer is that he will play with us and we will see a little bit of his personality.   I would have never dreamt my life would hold these adventures. I know so very well adoption is not easy path and there are so many parts to it that break a person's heart, but I always hope and pray that for all my children their lives will be filled with love from so many that love them near and far!


quilt'n-mama said...

Sweet friend,
I love the glimpse of your Korean adventures. Nate ask me today if Andy had met his new brother yet, I assured him it was soon!
Sending you hugs friend and lots of prayers!

Audrey said...

So happy that your finally getting to meet Mr. Luke! Hope it's a fun day for you all!

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