Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cards and Pizza

Today it has rained all day. The typhoon Fengshen has turned into a tropical storm that is hitting Hong Kong and Guangzhou today. I have never seen so much rain! Judy went to our consulate appointment this morning and told us to stay by our phones in case there was an issue with our paperwork. She called at 10:30 to tell us that our paperwork was fine...that was a relief. After we got the call we went for some shopping in the rain, it was coming down so hard that we were instantly soaked. We were able to seek refuge in the local Starbucks on the island. We ordered pizza from Papa John's for lunch and ate in the hotel room. See the picture of Andy enjoying his pizza! I guess that is the first step in his Americanization. Teri it is too bad that you were not here today, because we spent the afternoon playing cards...pitch of course. We all met up for a group dinner and went to a Chinese seafood restaurant. They had large aquariums as you go in with fish, lobster shrimp, snakes, turtles, worms, etc. We really didn't have any seafood but we did eat Pigeon, pork, chicken and eggplant. It is now 9:00 pm and the rain is still beating against the windows, I think it is supposed to continue through most of tomorrow. So far the wind has been pretty mild, so it's not too bad here. Tomorrow we will go to the Consulate to take our oath and get Andy's Visa...our last day in China!


James, Dawn and Family said...

Thanks for sharing your journey. May God be with you for the remainder of your journey and forever.
The Newsome's

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