Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Last Stretch

Hello from Guanghzou! Today we travelled from Lanzhou to Xian to Guangzhou. This morning in Lanzhou our guides took us to the riverwalk where they have a waterwheel display. They also have a statue called the Yellow River Mother, our guide said until you have your picture with the statue you have not really been to Lanzhou. After the riverwalk we left for the airport. We left Lanzhou at 4:10 pm and landed in Xian (the home of the Terra Cotta warriers). We had about an hour layover before heading to Guangzhou. Andy did pretty well on the plane, he cried pretty hard at first but then settled down. He did not like the baby seatbelt he had to wear for takeoff and landing. We arrived in Guangzhou at about 9:00 pm, and met with Judy, our local guide. She brought us to the Victory Hotel on Shamain Island in Guangzhou. I haven't had a chance to see much of it yet, but from what we have seen it looks very nice. More to come tomorrow. Guangzhou looks like a very modern city similiar to Beijing, quite a contrast from Lanzhou and Pingliang. Well, it's bedtime here...more to come tomorrow. Tomorrow is a free day to walk around the island and do some shopping. On Monday we will meet Judy and the other AAC families.


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