Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday in Beijing

Hello, well I am having trouble charging my battery so I am in the computer lab at the hotel. I won't be able to loan pictures until I can get my battery charged.

Today was a great day! We had breakfast at the hotel, it was kind of an assortment of American and Chinese food. We had omlets, bacon, coffee and dim sum. During breakfast we read the chinese paper (printed in English) and watched CNN. After breakfast our guide took us to the Temple of Heaven. The park around the temple was full of retired people who come to the park every day to dance, play music, sing and play card games and chinese chess. We also learned that our guides name is actually "Ike" not "Mike", no big deal. The Temple of Heaven was beautiful, wait until you see the pictures. After the Temple of Heaven we headed out of Beijing for the Great Wall. We had lunch in a small village near the wall, we had trout. They netted three fresh fish from a small pond and cooked them for us. All the food has been wonderful, some of it is spicy but most is not too bad. After lunch we took a gondola up to the wall and hiked a couple of sections. The view is spectacular! It was a very foggy day and you could barely see the top of the mountain. It was a pretty good hike but well worth it. After the Great Wall tour we came back to the hotel to rest for an hour before dinner. We met Ike again at 6:30 for dinner and he decided to take us on the subway because it was too hard to find a taxi. You wouldn't believe the subway, of the 14 million people in this city I think 1 million are on the subway at any given time. Dinner was great at a Sichuan resturaunt. They even had a play for us. Well, I better go because there is a line for the computer. More to come.

Love you all.


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