Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day in Guanzhou

Today was another tourist day, we didn't have any official business to attend to. Judy took Andy and I and the other families on a sightseeing tour that included a Buddhist Temple and an ancient tomb. The day was very hot with 100% humidity, at lease it felt that way. At the temple a monk gave a blessing to each of the adopted kids. The tomb was very interesting also, it is thought to be over 2,000 years old and was only recently discovered when they went to build a hotel on the site. Andy decided that it was a good opportunity for a nap, so when he wasn't pushing the stroller he was sleeping. I sure am glad we had that stroller for him to push!! Lynn and Carla stayed back on the island to take care of some laundry and shopping. For dinner we met up with Trish and Andy from New Orleans that adopted little Henry from the same orphanage as Andy. We had a wonderful dinner at the Thai restaurant. While we were there a large group of 10 plus CCAI families also came to the restaurant, so it was mostly Americans in there tonight. The trip has been wonderful, but we are all starting to get a little tired and ready to come home. I am anxious to introduce Andy to his mom, brother's and sisters. I know his mom and anxious to meet this little guy also!! Tomorrow is the consulate appointment which Judy will take care of for us, and Thursday we should get Andy's Visa. Yeah!


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