Saturday, June 14, 2008

Thoughts on Andy

I couldn't sleep last night and tonight may be impossible. Our son is so close to meeting his Dad and Grandparents. My mind cannot comprehend what his little mind will feel as he leaves his orphanage family and the only place he has ever known. What a shock it must be to be suddenly left with these people who act so crazy over you. I always think of all these months we have fallen in love with a picture and realizing that is a one way street. I am praying and hoping that the transition is as easy as possible. We have so many people to thank who have cared for him. Somewhere there are Andy's birth parents and they are always close to my heart and prayers. It is the amazing day we have waited and hoped for ever since I convinced Brian that 4 really was a good number of children to have !! So I am hoping that the phone rings very early in the morning as this Mom is sure wishing she was there and hoping to get all the little details of her son!! Watch for pictures of Andrew Xiao Tong soon.

Happy Fathers Day Brian!


Michele and Dan said...

We are following along with your family's journey. Our prayers are with you that the transition will be an easy one for Andy. It has been our experience that this orphanage does a really good job preparing these kids for what is to come - hope that eases your mind a bit. He'll be in your arms before you know it!
:0) Michele B. in GA

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