Monday, June 16, 2008

Passport and Civil Affairs Office

Today was a big day! Our first stop was the passport photo office, the guides had only Andy and I go while Lynn and Carla stayed at the hotel. Andy did very well with the pictures. After that we went straight to the Civil Affairs office for the "official paperwork". I met Trish and Andy from New Orleans, their daughters and new son Henry. There were three families in the room while we were their along with the Provincial director, Mrs. Yang and the Notary. We inked Andy's right foot with red ink and placed his footprint into the official paperwork. I had to place thumbprints over my signature in several places also. We had a slight glitch when they wanted a copy of Teri's passport and I explained that Teri does not have a passport, and to use the copy of the Drivers License. We eventually worked it out. After the paperwork I presented Mrs. Yang with the gifts we brought for her. She was very appreciative of the knit hats, clothes and blankets we brought for her. She kept saying "Shi shi" which is thank you. She did not open the bracelet in front of us but I had the guide tell her that Teri made the gift by hand. After the meeting we went shopping at the local grocery store/shopping mall. The guides (both male) were working very hard to find us the correct diaper sizes, formula, baby food etc. We walked through the rest of the mall which is 6 stories high, but similar to the malls in the US. We took the rest of the afternoon to rest and the guide made the trip to the Notary Public office, which turned out to be almost 3 hours. For dinner the guide took us to a place to get "famous Lanzhou noodles". It was noodles in a soup, but was excellent. Andy is starting to show us his very outgoing personality!! He is always on the go and he knows what he wants. He has been a great eater and a great sleeper so far, let's hope that continues. Tomorrow we are off to Pingliang for two nights.


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