Wednesday, June 11, 2008

They are in the Air

Brian, Mom and Dad are on their way to Beijing at this current moment. The Day started early for them at DIA. We pray for their safety as they travel. We had some crazy last moments to get Brian ready to go and now the countdown has started until he gets Andy. The kids made paper chains so they may count down how many more days until Daddy and Andy come home.

As for us on the homefront we all miss Brian but we have been very busy. So many summer acitivies going on which I feel grateful for. Makes me have less time to think about what I am missing out on.

We hope the next post will be from China!!


Michelle said...

Sammy and I just checked the flight status..seems as though everything is one time. We cannot wait to hear from China. I couldn't sleep last night! What an amazing experience for all of our family!

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