Thursday, June 19, 2008

History and Travel Day

Not too much new today. We traveled from Pingliang to Lanzhou which took about 5 hours. Andy was enjoying his freedom of sitting on my lap and playing in the backseat, I don't think he is going to like a car seat! They are building an expressway so there is a lot of construction and the roads are pretty broken up, it will be nice when it is finished. We stopped for lunch is a small town along the way. Apparently the town in known for it's chicken so the guides stopped and bought three cooked full chickens, heads, feet and all. We had some with our lunch and it was pretty good. After lunch we toured a museum for the Red Army. It was about the great march that Mao led from 1934 to 1936. It was interesting to see. I think Lynn was disappointed because he couldn't read any of the descriptions at the exhibits but the guides gave us the short version. Carla was less than impressed (see picture). We got back to Lanzhou at about 5:00 and just had dinner at the hotel, it was kind of nice to relax after the long drive. Tomorrow Jack (one of our guides) is going to pick up Andy's passport! We have the morning free and will meet them around noon. That was about all from today.


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