Friday, June 20, 2008

Rest Day

Today was a day of rest after our trip to Pingliang. We didn't have any plans except to meet the guide around noon. It was very nice to have a day with a little more downtime. The breakfast buffet at this hotel is pretty good, we usually get fried eggs, ham, potatoes, orange juice and coffee. Or any number of Chinese dishes. The four of us went for a long walk through the streets of Lanzhou this morning. It was a nice day and Andy was willing to ride in the stroller today. We stopped at a few stores and bought a couple of cokes from one. We ended up in a residential neighborhood that was just lined with apartment complexes. After a few dead end roads we ended up at a middle school, Carla just had to get a picture of the kids playing basketball. We came to another dead end and an old lady who was sitting outside showed us this back alley that led through the maze and right back to our hotel. We met the guides at noon and they gave us Andy's passport and the official papers from the notary office. That pretty much wraps up the business in Lanzhou. Now we are just tourist until tomorrow when we fly out. In the afternoon we went to the Gansu Provincial Museum. The exhibits centered around the silk road, which came through Lanzhou. They also had a very nice dinosaur exhibit with numerous skeletons of some very large dinosaurs. Riley would have loved it, Andy did really good at the museum. He just looked around mostly at the other people in the museum. The other people will often stop to talk to him. After the museum we took a taxi to a store and bought some gifts, and then to the Lanzhou version on Walmart. The store was three floors with grocery, clothing, shoes, just about anything you would need. They have escalators to take you from floor to floor with your grocery cart. We bought some basics like diapers, baby toothpaste, deodorant, and more bottled water. We then went to the Chinese version of fast food, noodles. Our guide Jack ordered a plate of beef, green beans, tofu and cow ears to go with the noodles. Yes, I tried the cow ears and no they were not very good. After that, back to the hotel for Mr. Andy's bath which he loves and bed. Tomorrow afternoon we leave for Guangzhou!


James, Dawn and Family said...

I've been enjoying your blog and following your trip. We are with AAC and awaiting our travel approval. We wish you the best!

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