Sunday, June 15, 2008

They are doing good


I talked to Brian this morning. They got Andy about 4 their time. They said he is doing very well. He was sad of course when Mrs. Yang and his nanny left. I am sure his little heart was very sad and will be off and on as he figures out his new family. Brian said they gave him a bath which he wasn't too fond of and then took him to eat. They said he ate like a champ. And he drank milk from his bottle. Brian said he is loving the toys we sent and just playing with Grandma and Papa. They had him in his pj's when we called and were getting ready for bed. Tomorrow they will do the Chinese side of the adoption. What a blessing to see Mrs Yang and his nanny who he is very close to. I am anxious to hear about their night and see more pictures of my new little angel. By the way Brian says he is a good size boy and loves to be cuddled!!


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