Monday, June 23, 2008

Paperwork and Shopping

Today kind of felt like back to work after a few days of just being a tourist. We met up with Judy (local guide) and the other AAC families after breakfast this morning. It turned out that one of the families is from Grand Junction, what a small world. I'm glad we got to meet in China! Our first stop was to get the pictures taken for the Visa's, that didn't take too long. They just shuffled us in and out in under 10 minutes. The next stop was the physical examination. There was a lot of adoptive families there, but it went just fine. Andy weighed in at almost 26 lbs. He was very good at the appointment, he didn't give the doctors or nurses too much trouble. After the health examination, Lynn, Carla and Andy went back to the room for a rest while I went with the other Father's to complete the paperwork. There were all kind of forms to fill out and it was a little stressful trying to make sure you had everything you needed, but we did. I think everything is in order for our Consulate appt on Wednesday. This afternoon we spent shopping! Judy took us to a wholesale marked off the island in Guangzhou, the first floor was mostly pearls and the second floor mostly Jade. It was amazing, just like a mall with nothing but stones and pearls. After shopping, we all went to dinner at a Guangdong restaurant on Shamian Island. The food was great, almost more of a Western Style such as Sweet and Sour pork, beef, and very spicy green beans. Carla and I went out to a few more stores after we got Andy in bed, we were able to get some good last minute deals for the day. Tomorrow Judy has lined up some sightseeing, so we will meet her at 10:00. Plus we will need to take care of some laundry...again.

That's all for today, only a few more days and we will be coming home


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