Sunday, June 22, 2008

Guangzhou, China

Hello from Shamian Island, Guangzhou! We had a very nice are relaxing day today. We had a nice "Western" breakfast at the hotel and met a few other families that were there. We then went on a walk around the island. The island is about 1/2 mile across from what I can tell. It is full of little shops and restaurants. After turning the wrong way initially, we eventually found the White Swan Hotel, which was a very nice hotel. We did a little shopping and found a store called "Andy's Store". We had lunch at Lucy's where we all had a hamburger with fries. In the afternoon we went swimming at the hotel pool. The pool is located on the roof, so in addition to swimming we had a nice birds eye view of the area. Andy loved swimming! He really wasn't very scared and he dipped his face in a few times. I think we have another fish on our hands. For dinner we had intended to eat at the dinner buffet at the White Swan, but when we arrived we learned that the buffet costs 338 Yuan per person (roughly $50). We decided that was a bit much so we headed down the street and found a very popular Chinese food restaurant. We had noodles, vegetables and grilled chicken with a curry flavor to it, it was very good and our total bill was 124 yuan ($18). The island is quaint with many old British and French buildings, most of which were built in the late 1800's. We have run into a number of adoption families, but perhaps not as many as I expected. Almost every family we see has asked how old Andy is, when we say he will be 2 in August, they always reply that he appears to be a very "healthy" boy. Tomorrow we will meet Judy at 9:30 am for paperwork and meet up with the other AAC families. Then off for shopping at the Pearl market.

That's about it for today!


Special K said...

Oh the hamburger at Lucy's was the most glorious thing!!!!! Guangzhou was just surreal after staying in a less Western city for a week.

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